Personal and Corporate Outplacement Services

I can’t believe how much I have learned in the past two hours in our meeting. I could have been much further along in my job search if I have come to your first. You know what you are doing.

Ability-Professional-Network-ken-lazar“If I only knew what I know now, I would have been working months ago.”

I hear this a lot. Understanding the ins and outs of a job search is difficult. It’s not intuitive. It can become frustrating.

Most people just do not have the time to effectively launch a job search, develop their personal brand, write an effective resume, prepare their LinkedIn profile, research their target companies, find the hiring managers and prepare for the interview. Besides, it takes time to develop these tools and during your job search lost time is lost wages. I have seen many job seekers needlessly extend their job search for months because they made many mistakes before they learned the ropes.

And, once you learn the job search process and land your new role, what can you do with this knowledge…not much. Why not outsource the key components of your job search to a professional and significantly reduce your time in transition?

Many job seekers believe they are saving money by conducting a job search themselves. I can totally relate to that. I did the same thing myself…the first time I was out of work. The second time, I hired a coach. The difference in the length of time I spent in my job search was cut in half. For most professionals, a 1-on-One program will pay for itself if it shortens your transition time by 2 weeks.

I started the 1-on-One outplacement program for people like you. It’s economical. It’s effective. The 1-on-One outplacement program will provide you with all of the tools that you will need to launch an effective job search.

The 1-on-One program includes the following:

  • Five, one-hour intensive job transition sessions:
    Week 1 – Developing Your Short and Long Term Job Search Strategy. Organizing your job search.
    Week 2 – Resume Preparation, Cover Letter Strategy, Thank You Letter Strategy.
    Week 3 – LinkedIn Profile Optimization (LPO). Sharing and Posting.
    Week 4 – Targeting Contacts and Companies, Finding email addresses, Utilizing databases.
    Week 5 – Interviewing Skills, Working with a Professional Recruiter
  • We will prepare a compelling and well-written resume.
  • We will craft and publish your professionally written and stand out LinkedIn profile

The full 1-on-One outplacement membership is $1,900.

Please contact Ken Lazar at or call him at 614-363-3381 to discuss your a job transition needs.

Your job search is one of the three most important priorities in your life. It is a course that many of us may have to travel several times in our career.

It would be our honor to be your partner in this important journey.

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