Ability Professional Network offers services for job candidates in transition.

Are you looking for a recruiting firm that you can trust?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We enjoy placing sales professionals. We care about the success of your career.

Sales candidates have unique requirements. That’s why we specialize. We understand territory management, prospecting, account management, base compensation, commission programs, automobile allowances and all of the other requirements that sales professionals need to consider when making a career move.

We offer far more than the typical recruiting company that will take your resume and simply put it in their database, waiting for a match.

It’s all about the fit.

We want to place you with great company. We know that every sales person will not necessarily succeed in every team. It’s all about the fit. It’s important that we place you in an organization that realizes your talent and affords you the opportunity to grow as a sales professional and maximize your personal earning potential.

We want to find you a role where you can maximize previous experience, use your industry knowledge and leverage your connections. We look at personalities and company cultures where the potential to do and be your best is the greatest.

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Here is what you can expect:

We’re looking for top performers, so receiving your resume is just the start.

We’re going to get to know you. It will begin with a phone conversation learning about who you are and what you’ve achieved in the past.

When we have an opening that matches your skills, personality, performance and experience, we will ask your permission to present your resume to the hiring company. We will also submit a narrative of why we think you’re an ideal candidate for the position.

If the company agrees, we will schedule an interview for you. We’ll tell you what they’re looking for in a candidate and what you need to be able to demonstrate in order to be selected. And, we will communicate with you every step of the way.

We have access to an extensive listing of open sales positions.

Ability Professional Network is a member of the Top Echelon Network of independent recruiters. We have access open sales positions posted by our recruiter partners from all over the country.

These are open sales positions that you will not see on the job boards or covered by other recruiting firms.

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